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Call for papers

Participation in the international conference will be open to contributions from researchers, museum experts and individuals working at companies, organizations and groups that will deliver presentations in relation to the overarching theme. The conference will be structured around the following areas, with more information on the scope of these under the section “Concept and sub-themes”:

1. Pluralism in art

Aesthetic and sensory perceptions ​

We welcome proposals that encompass an aspect of art’s inclusive dimension from a theoretical perspective in any of the areas of art history, aesthetics, art criticism and other disciplines.

Chairman: Jesús López Díaz (UNED)

2. Cultural heritage at everyone’s reach

Research, conservation and management

This sub-theme will include those constributions that address new challenges that arise as a result of the duty to preserve, study, interpret, underscore and disseminate cultural heritage among all people..

Chairman: Ana María Cuesta Sánchez (UCM)

3. Museums as spaces for knowledge

History, theory and concepts

This sub-theme will incorporate proposals that sequentially study the historical origin of the museum and its current development, spanning its evolutionary process from the “cabinets of curiosities” and museum collections, to the polyhedric spaces containing the knowledge of humanity’s cultural-historical past.

Chairmans: Teresa Nava Rodríguez y Fernando Pérez Suescun (UCM)

4. Museums and 21st century audiences

Accessibility, education and inclusion

Accepted contributions to this sub-theme will analyze different intiatives that take into consideration audience needs and expectations when defining exhibition policies and programming, in addition to projects that underscore the challenges facing the museum with regards to the didactic function of its museographic contents, in the image it projects and in terms of cultural action.

Chairman: Marián López Fernández Cao (UCM)

5. Museums and universities

Sites at the intersection of research, experimentation and proprietary collections

Research witin this sub-theme will delve into university teaching, in particular degrees and master’s related to museums, as well as different specific programs and didactic actvities developed by museums in the context of segments of their collection.

Chairmans: Irene González Hernando, Tamara Bueno Doral y Rosaura Navajas Seco (UCM)

6. Museums as spaces for inclusive innovation and technology

Communication, transmedia and virtual reality for all people

It is of critical importance to approach the way in which the museum can benefit from the innovative use of information and communications technology (ICT), and to discuss challenges, problems and the possibilities of technological, digital and virtual museums, in addition to innovative museographic proposals that promote audience participation and engagement through the use of ICTs.

Chairman: Covadonga Rodrigo San Juan (UNED)

7. Accesibility beyond the museum

Governmental strategies, tourism and universal design

This sub-theme encompasses the study of governmental policies such as legislation on accessibility, inclusion, culture for all, cultural heritage and its protection and dissemination. Similarly, it will incorpórate pioneering initiatives in inclusive tourism created to analyze and evaluate programs, planning and activities run by public and private agents to promote entertainment for all people and tourism resource management.

Chairmans: Magdalena de Pazzis Pi Corrales (UCM) y Ángeles Sánchez-Elvira Paniagua (UNED)

8. Outstanding projects and practices in museology, accessibility or social inclusion

Specific cases in poster format

The poster format will encompass and showcase projects, activities, innovation and development endeavors, as well as degree final projects and master’s final projects about art, heritage and museums for all people.

Chairman: Alejandra Alonso Tak (Ministère de la Culture, Francia)

Speakers’ background

Professors and researchers

...from various branches of study that have research experience in at least one of the sub-themes explored or that have developed innovative projects within this context.

Researchers in training

...Master’s and Doctorate students that have developed research projects on at least one of the questions that are addressed at the conference.

Museum professionals

...art galleries and forums, institutions and cultural enterprises that can share their practical work experience in the several sessions organized at the event.

Company professionals

...dedicated to the realm of technology, accessibility, social inclusion, disability and cultural heritage management, that can share their practical work experience in the several sessions organized at the event.

Presentation formats


(8-10 minutes maximum)

Projects that fall under sub-themes 1-7.

Papers may be grouped in panels or specific sessions at the discretion of the Scientific Committee. A computer with a Windows operating system will be provided, including an internet connection and an Office program suite. Participants may use their own visual and audio devices, by setting them up in the room beforehand. Any other technical requirements must be communicated to the Scientific Organizing Committee with sufficient notice. Following each set of presentations, a short debate interacting with the audience and the other participants will take place to exchange ideas on the relevant themes.


(along with audience presentation)

Projects that fall exclusively under sub-theme 8.

The poster design can be formatted at the author’s discretion, however, poster dimensions should correspond to portrait DIN A0 format (841 x 1189mm). The poster must include in its design the banner of the international conference, in addition to the logo of the MUSACCES Consortium and those institutions to which the author is affiliated to, in a clear, high quality format. Those authors whose posters are selected, must digitally submit their project in PDF format, until 20th march, as an email attachment for the organizer to print it out and exhibit it at the conference on panels for said purpose. Posters will be visible from the first session onwards in the common areas that will be devoted to their exhibition. The program will indicate the schedule of the poster oral presentations.

General participation guidelines

Applicable to both oral presentations and posters

  • The official languages of the conference are Spanish and English, and both are allowed for presentations.
  • Authors must submit a brief abstract of their projects- 2000 characters, including spaces-only through the online form that will become available for said purpose before February 15th. The online form will send an automatic reply to the email address of the proposal’s main author.
  • During the first half of February the organizing Scientific Committee will notify authors whose papers have been accepted, and provide suggestions for improvement where necessary. The abstracts of the accepted presentations will be edited in a hardcopy version of a book of abstracts that will be handed out along with other conference documents.
  • At least one of the authors must attend the conference, as participating remotely is not allowed. Formal registration can be completed once the organizing Scientific Committee notifies which papers have been accepted.
  • In the case of projects signed by various authors, presentation will only be recognized for those authors that have registered for the event and have paid the corresponding fees.

Conference monograph series publication

The MUSACCES Consortium will coordinate the edition of a hardcopy and digital version of a scientific monograph series in which a selection of the contributions will be compiled in brief book chapter format and previously peer reviewed by two scholars. The participation guidelines in said publication will be provided after the conference when the terms with the publishing house publishing the monograph series are finalized. The hardcopy version can be reserved in advance at registration for a special price.

Deadline end

Finished 15th February